Hayley Peglar, Lawyer, Trusts and Estates Practice Group, WeirFoulds LLP

Hayley Peglar


Hayley Peglar advises clients on a diverse range of civil and commercial litigation matters, with a focus on estate, trusts, and capacity litigation.

Hayley brings to the table key expertise in early stage mediation of estate disputes. She understands that litigation can be stressful and costly, and works closely with her clients to identify solutions and to provide peace of mind through effective negotiation and mediation.

Hayley represents individual and institutional clients in court proceedings and contested litigation, including variation of trust matters, dependant relief applications, guardianship applications, and will challenge proceedings

Hayley enjoys writing about developments in the law. She has authored a number of papers and regularly shares her knowledge at client seminars and industry conferences. As a member of the executive of The Advocates' Society Estates Litigation Practice Group, Hayley stays up to date on legal developments and trends which impact her clients.

Hayley is also a member of the WeirFoulds Women program which promotes a successful and diverse working environment.